Covid will be with us FOREVER


Shafaq News/ COVID will be with us FOREVER but Brits must take the vaccine if they want social distancing to end, Jonathan Van-Tam warned tonight.

The Deputy Chief Medical Officer said "we will never eradicate coronavirus" but urged Brits to take the jab if they want their dreams of a return to normal life to come true.

Asked by The Sun when Covid measures could end, he said the bug is likely to "be with human kind forever" and will become a "seasonal problem."

His remarks came after Britain became the first country in the world to give a Covid jab the green light.

Experts deem the Belgium-made Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine safe, meaning a rollout to millions of people can now begin.

Prof Van-Tam said he did not think we would soon be able to have a "massive party, throw our masks and hand sanitizer away and say it's behind us like the end of the war".

But Prime Minister Boris Johnson then appeared to correct him in a bust-up live on air saying he had "high hopes" the vaccine would allow life to return to normal.

"I do not think the Government will continue to have to recommend social distancing, masks, and hand sanitizer forever and a day he added.

"I hope we will get back to a much more normal world"

Regarding the vaccine, he stressed, He said: "This vaccine isn't going to help you if you don't take it. You will need two doses of this vaccine to have full protection.

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