Congress certifies Biden's win as the new US-PRESIDENT

Congress certifies Biden's win as the new US-PRESIDENT

Shafaq News/  Congress has formally affirmed President-elect Joe Biden's 2020 victory, completing a final step in the electoral process after Trump supporters breached the US Capitol on Wednesday and forced lawmakers to evacuate both the House and Senate chambers.

Vice President Mike Pence, who presided over the count conducted by a joint session of Congress, announced that Biden had won the Electoral College vote early Thursday after the House and Senate easily defeated Republican objections lodged against the votes sent by two states, Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Despite the Riots around and inside the Capitol, lawmakers vowed to finish what they had started, and the Senate reconvened just after 8 p.m. ET Wednesday, nearly six hours after it abruptly recessed.

For his part,  US ‘Donald Trump commit, on Thursday to a peaceful transfer of power to the administration of US President-elect Joe Biden on January 20 "even if it violates the election result."

Earlier, Congress has rejected the first attempt by a group of Republican diehards to reject the electoral votes from a state won by Joe Biden.

In the House, a majority of Republicans voted to object to the results, but they were still soundly rejected, 303 to 121 for Arizona and 282 to 138 for Pennsylvania, with all Democrats in opposition.

Biden is due to take office on January 20.

Source: CNN + Shafaq News Agency

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