Biden’s most notable gaffes of 2023

Biden’s most notable gaffes of 2023

Shafaq News / The "Washington Examiner", an American newspaper, compiled the most notable verbal slip-ups of US President Joe Biden throughout the year 2023. The report highlighted Biden's acknowledgment on one occasion of being a "gaffe machine."

President Joe Biden has a long track record of blunders and exaggerations that keep politicos eager to hear what he comes up with next — or anxious, depending on one's perspective.

This year was no exception, with Biden mixing up words and phrases during many, if not most, of his appearances.

The best gaffes often involve the speaker saying something near the opposite of what they meant to say. That appeared to be the case on Dec. 3, when the president congratulated rapper and actress Queen Latifah by saying she's earned a prime-time "Enemy.

He quickly corrected himself to say prime-time "Emmy."

A queen came up again in a June 16 speech about gun control, though it was unclear which one or, for that matter, what Biden was getting at generally. The president finished his speech by saying, "God save the queen, man."

It was never clarified by Biden or his staff what the president meant.

There are many names and places one must keep straight when acting as commander in chief, and Biden occasionally gets those names mixed up. Such was the case on June 28, when Biden said Russian President Vladimir Putin was losing the war — in Iraq.

Biden often brags about infrastructure investment under his watch, especially compared to former President Donald Trump. While Biden oversaw the passage of the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act last year, he cited a number that appeared far, far higher during a speech on Dec. 10.

"Over a billion, 300 million, trillion, 300 million dollars," the president said.

On the other hand, Biden cited a number that was far too low on July 25, and on a grim topic, saying COVID-19 had killed "over 100 people."

While that is certainly true, the actual number is over 1.1 million people who have succumbed to the disease in the United States.

All presidents like to boast about their actions, and nearly all exaggerate their positive impact on the world from time to time.

However, Biden appeared to take it a step further during a July 25 speech, saying, "We ended cancer as we know it."

The remark brings full circle one of the president's 2022 gaffes, during which he said, "I and so damn many other people I grew up [with] have cancer." Thankfully, he does not have the disease, and his efforts to find a cure remain ongoing.

With the calendar turning to 2024, politicos and Twitter trolls will be keenly tuning in to Biden speeches once again, looking for the next slips of the tongue from our gaffe machine in chief.

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