Aerial footage shows earthquake aftermath in hard-hit Turkish region of Hatay


Shafaq News/ Aerial footage by the Anadolu Agency showed the sheer scale of destruction in the southern Turkish province of Hatay a few days after a huge earthquake hit the country and neighboring Syria, killing more than 20 thousand people across the region and injuring thousands more.

The death toll in Turkey has reached a grim mile stone, exceeding the number of people killed in a 1999 earthquake in Istanbul that had remained the most devastating in the country for decades.

The highest estimates put the 1999 death toll from the magnitude 7.6 earthquake in Istanbul at about 18,000.

On Friday, the death toll from the most recent series of quakes, which began on Monday, reached 18,342 in Turkey. At least 3,377 also died in Syria.

Turkey's geological location makes it prone to major earthquakes. In 1939, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake in northeastern Turkey was estimated to have killed over 32,000 people.

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