From a book vendor to an ISIS official responsible for graduating more than 2000 fighters .. confessions of ISIS member "al-Ansari"

From a book vendor to an ISIS official responsible for graduating more than 2000 fighters .. confessions of ISIS member "al-Ansari"

Shafaq News/ The Supreme Judicial Council Website presents the confessions of one of the most dangerous ISIS terrorists, Abu Hassan al-Ansari, who testified before Nineveh court investigating terrorism cases, acknowledging his responsibility to run the largest camps that organize training courses for new members of the terrorist organization.

Book seller ,Ali Ibrahim Wakni Abu Hassan Al-Ansari (39) graduated from the technical institute and worked on selling books in al-Nujaifi Street or "Libraries Street", an avid reader of religious books, influenced by Salafi thought and read all available sources about him.

Abu Hassan al-Ansari talks about his involvement in terrorist groups and the roles he played and the positions he held from July 2005 when "I went to one of my closest friends and offered me to join Ansar al-Sunna, formerly   known as Ansar al-Islam, because of my ideological affiliation to Salafi groups." After I agreed to join them, I was informed that he was in charge of the media side of the organization and asked me about my academic level to test me.”

"I joined the media unit as a university degree holder and I have a good intellectual and knowledge level. I became part of a group of five people working as a media unit for Ansar al-Sunna," Al Ansari said. "My role was initially to photograph operations targeting security forces from detonating bombs, booby traps and printing discs." The operations that were carried out by the organization and distribute them to mosques and markets, and I was responsible for printing a special magazine of the organization published periodically and contains a range of topics that have an educational nature of the legitimacy matters and addressed to young people more than other age groups.

The terrorist confirmed that "the second phase was to join the Soldiers Camp in the organization and for about five years in which we carried out many operations, the most important clashes with the Iraqi security forces of the Iraqi army and the occupation forces," pointing to his implementation of "9 terrorist operations, including bombing two car bombs in addition to planting many roadside bombs as I was paid a monthly salary of 75 000 dinars and this continued until 2010 and because of the rivalry between Ansar al-Sunna and the Islamic State over the right and precedence of each in the control of the region in that period , I traveled under the pretext of performing Umrah and disguise from ISIS organization and left the province, "as he puts.

Abu Hassan al-Ansari continued to talk about Ansar al-Sunna, saying "After returning from travel in the first months of 2011, we began to kill a group of ISIS members through organized assassinations, as I recall three people in addition to killing one of our group after he worked with security forces as a source, as well as targeting members of the security forces, and continued to work in this way moving from alley to another until I became the head of the media unit and the head of the assassination unit, I was followed by the security forces until I was arrested on March 2014. "

"I entered a new phase while I was detained by the security forces , I met a group who were working in ISIS. In the meantime, the group entered and occupied the governorate and stormed the prisons and took us out then I returned to my house. Two months later, I and three friends who were in Ansar al-Sunna went to Presidential palaces, we echoed allegiance in the usual way and joined the organization. "

Al-Ansari speaks about a new period and his role in the organization. "I was in soldiers' office in the camps section and served as deputy assistant camp official in addition to the camp council consisting of the camp official and training officer and livelihood official, and I was handed over with two weapons, one pistol and the other Kalashnikov as we were working to train new fighters , the course was one month and the fighters were being received from the presidential palaces. "

Ansari explained the training process, which is divided into several courses, including a course in using weapons of various types, starting with a pistol , Kalashnikov , PK machine gun and RPG (launcher) all in one month with tents for overnight and meals, after completing the course of the military course there are lessons about legitimate matters given by the Wali of the Sharia talking about purity, prayer and unification until the fighter graduates have knowledge of all the lessons and then return them to the palaces area to be organized in lists of bail then place them as fighters of various areas after giving them weapons.

Al-Ansari spoke about the stage of taking over the position of Abu Azzam Al-Ansari camp official in 2015 after the death of his official, where   " about twenty courses graduated by him in which the number of fighters in it reached more than 2000 fighters of different ages, including the so-called caliphate cubs more than a year before that …until I went to Syria and then fled to Turkey. "

The terrorist attributed the reason for the escape to the problems on the right to assume responsibility for the camp and the emergence of a group close to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, rivaling him, pointing out that his escape was through a smuggler who worked with the organization and settled in Turkey for nearly two years then returned to Iraq with a passport then arrested at Baghdad airport.

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