The New Cold War and the Rebirth of the Baghdad Pact


Shafaq News/ As mutual internal threats as well as prioritize combating attempts by both Russia and China to disrupt the rules-based global order. This very same intelligence cooperation would be key with regard to overseeing the strategic placement of US hypersonic weaponry via a separate NATO-orientated mechanism involving the Turkish Republic, and the placement of hypersonic missiles together with tactical nuclear capability at Incirlik Air Base. The introduction of an XKeyscore equivalent with ‘deep dive’ capabilities as well as (with regard to domestic and overseas surveillance programs) amongst these allies would be imperative in ensuring a common systematic framework capable of determining threats to both national and regional unity on an intelligence level, which can then be pre-emptively identified and countered thus ensuring that this alliance has the necessary countermeasures to ward off attempts by the Kremlin and Beijing to use local citizens to subvert intra-alliance unity.

As the world keenly awaits policy proposals directly at the global level to solve both energy orientated issues as well as topics relating to defense policy and national security, the answer may likely lie in the creation of region-specific pacts that are more mobile in policy maneuverability and have further capability with regard to executing key policies. Success will first come at the local level, and then resonate regionally in terms of shared objectives, and eventually throughout the world; for as Ataturk, the Founding Father of modern Turkey once said: “Peace at home, peace in the world.”

Source: Geopolitical Monitor

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