The Intercept: 16 countries are embroiled in a "regional war"

The Intercept: 16 countries are embroiled in a "regional war"

Shafaq News / "The Intercept" reported that what it calls the "Israeli conflict" now involves 16 countries, despite the Biden administration's claims of "containing the possibilities of regional war."

According to the site, this war has become more evident following the retaliatory strikes carried out by Iran last Saturday.

The American report indicated that "the regional war in the Middle East now encompasses at least 16 countries. It witnessed the first-ever strikes from inside Iranian territory targeting Israel. Nevertheless, the United States still insists that there is no broader war, masking the extent of American military intervention."

However, the report stated that, "in response to the rocket and drone attacks launched by Iran on Saturday, the United States deployed anti-aircraft missiles and aircraft from at least eight countries to intercept them. Meanwhile, Iran and its proxies launched attacks from Iraq, Syria, and Yemen."

The report criticized what it termed as media complicity in portraying the regional war as non-existent. It cited The New York Times headline, "Biden seeks to avoid escalation after Israel's successful defense," ignoring the spreading conflict. The Economist magazine's headline stated, "Iran attacks Israel, risking a wider regional war." NBC misleadingly stated, similar to the White House, that "some senior US officials are concerned that Israel may hastily retaliate against unprecedented Iranian attacks with drones and missiles, potentially leading to a broader regional conflict involving the United States."

The report highlighted repeated statements from the Biden administration affirming that "none of the ongoing events constitute a regional war, such as Pentagon spokesperson Pat Ryder's response to the Israeli strike on the Iranian embassy." "This came despite repeated confirmations from Iranian leadership of impending retaliation and a direct message from Iranians to the United States warning of potential retaliation if it assists Israel. These developments, according to the Biden administration, reiterated its firm support for Israel."

Furthermore, the report detailed the "deployment of American aircraft carriers and warplanes to the region as a deterrent against Iran. It also mentioned the quiet construction of an air defense network by the United States for its regional war efforts."

Regarding the recent attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus by Israel, the report noted that "despite Pentagon statements, the conflict had indeed extended beyond Gaza. It described this stance as a continued political and deceptive posture since the October 7th attack."

Additionally, the report revealed the active role of four US ships, part of the "USS Dwight D. Eisenhower" strike group, in thwarting Iranian-backed attacks.

"These ships, equipped with long-range surface-to-air missiles and the Phalanx Close-In Weapon System, acted as the final line of defense against shipborne threats. All of these ships conducted offensive and defensive operations in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, focusing on Houthi attacks."

The report mentioned that "Lebanon is also involved in the war through the mutual attacks between Hezbollah and Israel."

It acknowledged White House acknowledgment of US fighter jets' participation in some of the Iranian missile interceptions.

In summary, "about 170 drones, over 30 cruise missiles, and more than 120 ballistic missiles were launched at Israel last Saturday. American forces were responsible for intercepting over 100 drones and Iranian missiles, according to Israeli officials."

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