Sunni forces at a crossroad: Unity or personal benefits

Sunni forces at a crossroad: Unity or personal benefits

Shafaq News / The poles of the Sunni community in Iraq, Takadom and al-Azm, await the release of the final results of the early parliamentary elections held on October 10 to settle into their respective political alliances and gear up to form the next cabinet.

Some members of the two blocs, who are close to the decision-makers, believe that each is waiting for the stability or resolution of Shiite alliances to decide their next step.

"All the winning lists are waiting for two vital things before revealing their plans: the first is the settling the appeals submitted to the Federal Court and the announcement of the final results so that everyone can be sure of their true electoral size. The second is to name the largest bloc and its orientations for those who want to ally with it and start their political consultations," former MP and winning candidate of al-Azm Alliance, Iyad al-Jubouri, told Shafaq News agency.

"It is still not clear to us. It is too early to get into the details of the alliances because the appeals have not yet been resolved. In fact, if we accept the results, what about our voters who gave us confidence and lost their votes? The Iraqi street will inevitably have something to say about that," he added.

"Consultations to determine and form the next government are in full swing despite numerous allegations that understandings and negotiations have been stalled until the final results of the elections are resolved and ratified," a source Takadom stated.

The source added, "The main Sunni lists have identified vital points for concluding their future strategic alliances. We hope that a Sunni front will be formed from Takadom and al-Azm Alliances, to ally with the Sadrist bloc and the Kurds and form a comfortable majority that allows the government to be named."

"If the intention to renew the mandate of the speaker of parliament, Mohammed al-Halboosi, is rejected, the Sunni front will inevitably break up," the source added, "despite the initial signals we have received from al-Azm Alliance to form one Sunni bloc, the information indicates that they are inclined to enter into an alliance with the state of law Coalition for certain benefits."

"Al-Halboosi's chances of winning a second term are high, and most Sunni parties, as well as powerful allies, support that. This will be obvious in the coming days," the source continued.

"There are great efforts by al-Halboosi and his alliance to ease the tension and convince the parties rejecting the results of the elections to accept them because the stage cannot tolerate any escalation that could lead to a much worse situation," the source revealed.

Takadom Alliance, led by Mohamed al-Halboosi, won 37 seats, while al-Azm Alliance, led by Khamis al-Khanjar, won 12 seats.

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