Chinese Enterprises Power Green Development in Iraq: A Significant Stride Towards Clean Energy and Economic Growth

Chinese Enterprises Power Green Development in Iraq: A Significant Stride Towards Clean Energy and Economic Growth

Shafaq News/ Reflecting a decade of commitment under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Chinese corporations continue to pioneer green development prospects worldwide. A significant breakthrough in this regard has been the recent commencement of Iraq's largest photovoltaic power station, aimed at alleviating the nation's energy crisis.

The groundbreaking ceremony was held on May 18 in Erbil Province, within Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan region. Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister, Masrour Barzani, inaugurated the initiative, marking the province's inaugural foray into solar power.

In his address, Barzani conveyed appreciation to the companies involved, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing clean, sustainable, and alternative energy sources. "We have strived towards reforms in this sector to enhance the provision of electricity services to the people of Kurdistan," he stated.

Getting International Energy Holdings Group, a Chinese enterprise, has made a notable investment of $100 million towards the construction of the 200-hectare photovoltaic facility. Expected to yield 25 megawatts per hour upon completion, the plant will provide 220 million kWh of clean energy to the Kurdish region annually.

CEO of the group, Zhang Rui, highlighted the significant contributions the BRI has made over the past decade towards promoting peace, prosperity, openness, green development, innovation, and civilization. The project showcases how the Chinese company has transferred high-quality production capacity, capital, technology, and management expertise to Iraq, within the BRI framework, thus fostering bilateral cooperation.

He Yun, Associate Professor at Hunan University's School of Public Administration, commended the construction of the photovoltaic plant. "This is a commendable example of how the green development ethos of the BRI is being put into practice," she said, adding that it also "demonstrates China's commitment to promoting sustainable growth and improving people's livelihoods in the regions it engages with."

This milestone underlines the growing commitment of Chinese companies towards encouraging green development along the Belt and Road. By installing renewable energy infrastructure, such as solar power stations, these firms provide a critical resource that can stimulate local economic growth and contribute to global efforts to combat climate change.

While the plant is anticipated to commence operations in about 20 months, the project signifies a significant leap towards a sustainable energy future for Iraq and sets an optimistic precedent for green energy initiatives across the globe.

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