Turkey pledges to Kurdistan Region to exclude food and medicine from the close crossings decision

Turkey pledges to Kurdistan Region to exclude food and medicine from the close crossings decision

Shafaq News / The Turkish Consul General in Erbil, Hakan Kara Jay pledged to Kurdistan Region, to except food and medical supplies from the decision to stop commercial traffic in the crossings, after Ankara issued a decision to stop the air navigation movement and close the land borders with Iraq after recording Corona infections.

This came during a meeting held by the Minister of Trade and Industry in the region with the consul on Sunday, during which they discussed the decision taken by the Turkish Republic, according to a statement issued by the ministry.

The statement pointed out that during the meeting, emphasis was placed on strengthening economic relations between the two sides, while highlighting the need to find a solution to the negative aspects left by that decision on those relations.

According to the statement, the Consul General stressed that intensive efforts are made to establish an appropriate mechanism to exclude the import of basic foodstuffs and drug supplies, expressing his optimism that this issue will be addressed in the coming days.

Turkish Health Minister Fakhreddin Koca said on Saturday that all air flights to and from Italy, Iraq and South Korea had been stopped due to the outbreak of Coruna virus.

He added that this procedure will be implemented from 12 a.m. Sunday morning and that all land crossings between Turkey and Iraq had also been closed. Turkey had previously suspended passenger flights to and from Iran and China.

The Ministry of Interior of Kurdistan Region confirmed on Sunday that Kurdistan Regional Government will spare no effort to continue commercial activity with Turkey.

The ministry said in a statement today that after the spread of news about stopping the commercial movement in the borders between the region and Turkey, Kurdistan Regional Government is making all its endeavors for the continuation of the commercial partnership between the two sides and organizing that movement in the borders taking into consideration the preventive means.

The statement added that "we assure the citizens as Kurdistan Regional Government is sparing no effort to address this problem in a way that does not affect the commercial movement and local markets."

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