the e-learning system will continue, an official in al-Sulaymaniyah confirms


Shafaq News / The Education Directorate in al-Sulaymaniyah confirmed on Wednesday that the e-learning system will continue, even if schools reopen.

"These protestors have demands to which we will respond soon," Director Dilshad Omar said in a press conference.

He added, "COVID-19 is constantly mutating, so we cannot take the responsibility of reopening schools."

Dozens of middle school students demonstrated, on Wednesday, in front of al-Sulaymaniyah Education Directorate, protesting closing the schools.

The students demanded ending online education and opening the schools, as closing them "damaged" their studies.

Angry students smashed vegetable containers and shattered the windows of the directorate building, prompting the police forces to intervene and take the students away from the building.

It is worth noting that the Kurdistan Regional Government closed schools to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19.

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