Quarantine imposed on Appeal Court and Court of the Judicial Council in Kurdistan Region


Shafaq News / The Judicial Council of Kurdistan Region imposed on Sunday   quarantine on its presidential building in addition to the Appeal Court after a judge and an employee were diagnosed positive with Corona virus.

The council said in a statement received by Shafaq News that after the emergence of two cases carrying Corona virus (Covid-19), one of them to a judge in the appeal Court in Kurdistan Region and the other to an employee in the Court of the Judicial Council, it was decided to impose a quarantine on the Presidency of the Appeal Court and the Court of Judicial Council for a period of 14 days from 14 / 6/2020.

On Thursday, the Judicial Council suspended the official working hours in the presidency of the Appeal Court in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan Region for two weeks, due to the registration of Covid-19 cases by two judges and a number of lawyers.

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