Kurdistan Parliament suspends its sessions for two weeks after recording Covid-19 cases


Shafaq News / The Presidency of Kurdistan Parliament decided on Wednesday to suspend the parliament’s sessions for two weeks after recording Covid-19 cases by one of the members as well as three employees working in Parliament.

Yesterday, the regional parliaments' members had undergone laboratory tests for Covid-19, and the results appeared today to confirm the infection of the first of its member with three employees, according to what an informed parliamentary source told Shafaq News agency.

The presidency said that 197 members and employees were subjected to medical tests according to instructions issued by the Ministry of Health, Presidency of Kurdistan Parliament said .

The statement regretted registering a number of cases that required tests, as the details will be announced by the Ministry of Health of Kurdistan, calling on the active cases to follow preventive measures and self-quarantine.

The statement pointed out that the Presidency of Kurdistan Parliament decided to suspend all Parliament sessions for two weeks, calling on members of Parliament who did not undergo a medical test to do so as soon as possible and hand the results over to the Presidency of the Parliament.

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