KRG Ministry of Health delegation arrives the capital Baghdad

KRG Ministry of Health delegation arrives the capital Baghdad

Shafaq News / A delegation from the Ministry of Health of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), headed by Minister Saman Al-Barzanji, arrived on Thursday to the Federal Capital of Baghdad.

“The delegation headed by Barzanji, his advisers and general managers of the ministry will meet the Iraqi Minister of Health ,Hassan Al-Tamimi today ,” The ministry’s spokesman, Muhammad Qadir, said in a special statement to Shafaq News Agency.

He added that the delegation will meet with the Crisis Cell to curb Corona in the Iraqi government to exchange views on how to control the second wave of the virus, in which infections are increasing daily.

The spokesman pointed out that the health sector in the region is currently suffering from a shortage of medical supplies as well as medical staff with the  increasing numbers of infected people.

He also explained that the ministry is working to contain the virus in all ways and means.

The Parliamentary Crisis Cell had revealed earlier lack of medical equipment for diagnosing cases of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

Corona virus infection rates and deaths increased in Iraq and Kurdistan Region, as the total number of cases exceeded 1000 cases per day at a time when the governorates announced their need for materials for medical test kits.

KRG Minister of Health announced on Tuesday his ministry is coordinating with the Federal Ministry of Health to provide the region with the necessary medical equipment to combat and treat Corona

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