KRG Ministries of Interior and Health meet to discuss the second wave of Corona


Shafaq News / The Ministries of Interior and Health of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) are scheduled to hold a meeting later today to assess the total lockdown in the region and measures to curb Corona virus.

According to the information received, a meeting will be held in the Ministry of the Interior under the supervision of its minister, Rebar Ahmed, in the presence of Minister of Health Saman Al-Barzanji, governors, independent administration officials and general health directors to discuss the risks of Corona virus.

Information indicates that the meeting will witness a discussion of the risks of the occurrence of the second epidemiological wave of Corona virus, as well as an assessment of the curfew decision and anti-virus measures in Kurdistan Region.

KRG Ministry of Interior announced Sunday midnight, a total curfew for a week after the escalation of infection with Corona virus.

Kurdistan Interior Ministry vowed legal accountability for "anyone who promotes against the curfew in social media."

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