KRG: Electric energy production will not deteriorate in summer


Shafaq News / Kurdistan Minister of Electricity , Kamal Muhammad said on Wednesday that the national electricity supply will not deteriorate in summer, stressing that Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is working hard to transfer energy distribution to the private sector.

The minister said in a press statement that because of the weak ability of the government to secure natural gas for 34 production units for electric energy, this led to the non-increase of the production capacity to more than 3,200 megawatts.

He explained that Kurdistan Region does not have a problem in the energy production, but the biggest problem that it faces in this sector is energy transmission and distribution. For example, the region loses 44% of its electricity production, which reaches 1200 megawatts, and when salaries are paid, this deficiency is apparent due to transportation and violations on its lines.

The minister added that to address this situation, steps have been taken to refer the issue of electrical energy distribution to the private sector; KRG is serious about implementing this plan.

He added that the region’s government owes an amount of two billion and 700 million dollars to electric power production companies, and pays a monthly amount of 25 million dollars to companies producing electricity   and will pay the same amount as well next month, indicating that a number of production units will be rehabilitated within the next three months. The national electricity will not deteriorate.

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