KRG denies handing over 176 terrorists to Kirkuk


Shafaq News / Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) distanced itself on Thursday from handing over 176 terrorists from Sulaymaniyah province to Kirkuk.

"A number of media published news about handing over176 terrorists from Sulaimaniyah to Kirkuk," a statement by the Interior Ministry of KRG, reported to Shafaq News Agency.

"The ministry announces to the citizens of the region and the public opinion that KRG has no knowledge or information regarding the time of the arrest of these defendants, nor the time of handing them over."

“The issue of coordination with the federal authorities has its own procedures and mechanisms and was organized by KRG and the federal government by law and instructions," stressing that "the issue of handing over these defendants has not been included in these mechanisms,” the statement added.

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