KRG calls on Baghdad to deal with Halabja as an independent province within the region


Shafaq News/ A high-level delegation from the Federal Ministry of Health met on Monday with a delegation from the Ministry of Health of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) , where they discussed the situation of the health sector in the region.

After the meeting, the Minister of Health of KRG Dr. Saman al-Barzanji held a joint press conference with the delegation in which he said: We asked the delegation of the Iraqi Ministry of Health to increase support for the Kurdistan region in terms of health.

He added” We also asked the guest delegation to deal with Halabja as an independent province and provide health supplies to them, adding” We also asked to help Kurdistan region in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of destroyed health centers in the district and the areas where ISIS was present.”

Barzanji called on the Iraqi Ministry of Health to support and assist hospitals specialized in treating the victims of the chemical bombardment that took place in Halabja in the eighties of the last century.

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