Erbil waves to tight curfew back again


Shafaq News / Erbil Governor, Firsat Sofi waved on Monday to retreat from the facilities offered to the people under the curfew due to the outbreak of Corona virus if the people did not adhere to the instructions and preventive measures.

"I call on the citizens of the province to observe the preventive measures, we have entered the prevention stage because most of the commercial and industrial areas and shops have been reopened, and if the residents did not take caution and observe the health measures, we may reach a difficult stage, then things will be out of control," Sofi said in a press conference held today.

"So we hope residents of Erbil to deal with the situation with full awareness, because we have not gone out of the danger stage and Coronavirus is very dangerous, but people carrying out their daily work are very important to us and they should not stop."

"If the population cooperate and commit, then we will take more steps towards restoring life to normal, but otherwise, if we reach a difficult situation with which the residents do not apply preventive measures, we will be forced to withdraw the facilities provided to them," he added.

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