Erbil receives Corona patients in 4 hospitals: 20 out of 138 cases recovered


Shafaq News / Erbil Health Department, the capital of Kurdistan Region announced on Tuesday allocating 4 hospitals to receive those infected with   Corona virus, noting that 138 cases of corona cases were recorded and 20 of them recovered.

Director of Health Dr. Delovan Mohamed said in a press conference held today and attended by Shafaq News reporter, that since the outbreak of the virus in Kurdistan Region, Erbil has recorded 138 infections, in which 20 cases recovered, while 118 cases are still receiving treatment in hospitals.

He pointed out that after the crisis cell stressed the necessity of citizens to stay homes, but some of them did not respond and conducted a condolence gathering, indicating that Erbil currently has four hospitals to receive those infected with the virus.

Mohammed expressed his regret from some people publishing, reports that they claimed that the health services to combat Corona are not up to the required level through social media, saying, "We had a visit yesterday and we were informed of the progress of the services and health measures taken, which is contrary to the news."

He pointed out that Erbil, and since the outbreak of the virus imposed a quarantine on 3095 suspects of having Corona, most of them left to their homes, leaving only 879 in quarantine.

He emphasized the quarantine on Karizan area in which the condolence gathering was established, noting that at least 70 cases of corona infection were recorded due to the condolence.

 Dr. Muhammad indicated that 13 districts across the governorate of Erbil have been isolated currently by the security forces and after taking samples and knowing the results at that time, we will decide to impose quarantine on them or not.

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