Erbil court acquits "Mulla Khorasani" of charges

Erbil court acquits "Mulla Khorasani" of charges

Shafaq News / Erbil Court in Kurdistan Region acquitted in a session held on Thursday, the cleric Mullah "Muzhir al-Khorasani" of the charges against him for lack of evidence.

" Erbil court decided to release my clients due to lack of evidence on the charges against him," said Aso Hashem, defense lawyer for Khorasani, in a press conference held after the end of the court session.

For his part, Al-Khorasani said that” I will absolve his accusers to  the defense attorney to pursue all legal means to compensate me financially and morally, since a cleric should not be placed with the thief and the murderers in the prison without a crime against him."

Erbil court decided at the end of last month to postpone the hearing on the verdict of "Khorasani" until the beginning of February.

On Monday morning, 27/1/220, Al-Khorasani complied with the court in Erbil on the cases brought against him.

Dozens of people organized a protest last month in front of the Erbil court, condemning the trial of the controversial cleric.

Women's rights organizations in Kurdistan Region have filed lawsuits against Khorasani because of his religious speech, which calls for polygamy.

The last lawsuit filed against Khorasani bore the signatures of 300 feminist activists demanding that he should be sentenced for the "abuse" he unleashes on women.

The Ministry of Culture and Youth in Kurdistan Regional Government has closed a television channel run by Mullah Mezher, on the background of its broadcasts programs that reduce the respect of Kurdish women.

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