Erbil Council elects Firsat Sofi governor of the capital of Kurdistan Region by majority


Shafaq News/ Erbil provincial council has elected by a majority vote of its members on Thursday, the new head of the local government of the province to succeed the former, Nozad Hadi, who served in office for 15 years.

The council elected Firsat Sofi as the 41 governor to take the office since Erbil became a province in the forties of last century .

With the exception of Firsat Sofi, no one submitted his autobiography to compete for the post of Erbil governor, according to the head of the provincial council, Ali Rashid.

The provincial council voted by a majority of 27 out of 28 votes for Sofi.

Sofi promised for serious cooperation with the provincial council during his duties.

The provincial council will submit its ratification to the Council of Ministers of Kurdistan Region, which in turn will be submitted to the President of the region in order to issue a decree appointing Firsat Sofi as the governor of Erbil, and the performance of the latter for the legal oath.

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