Baghdad is practicing political pressure by cutting the salaries, KRG says


Shafaq News / A delegation of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), that recently visited Baghdad on Sunday, stated that there are political pressures to foil the oil agreement between the regional government and the federal government.

Qubad Talabani, Deputy Prime Minister of KRG met earlier today the negotiating delegation of KRG in the Cabinet building in Erbil city.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) website said that during the meeting, they discussed the latest developments and the results of the recent visit of KRG delegation to the capital, Baghdad.

The negotiating delegation clarified the results of its visit to the capital Baghdad and the financial conditions in Iraq, and pointed out that oil imports in Iraq have decreased significantly and there is a large deficit between imports and expenses by the federal government, because of this deficit there are political pressures in Baghdad to foil the previous agreement between KRG and the federal government .

For his part, Deputy Prime Minister of KRG confirmed that the government's priorities are to protect the lives of citizens and provide salaries for employees, so we will seek and continue efforts to provide an income to the citizens and protect their health, and said: We will thwart attempts aimed at depriving the rights and financial entitlements of citizens in Kurdistan Region.

We must continue with full transparency in our contacts with the blocs in Kurdistan Parliament, the Kurdish blocs and the rest of the other blocs in the parliament, Qubad Talabani said.

Vice-President of KRG told the negotiating delegation: We must clarify the information and the latest developments for the people of Kurdistan in a more transparent manner, as the negotiating delegation will meet with the Presidency of Kurdistan Parliament and parliamentary blocs to clarify the results of its visit to Baghdad.

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