American Congressional delegation arrives Erbil from Baghdad and meets with leaders of Kurdistan


Shafaq News/ An American Congressional delegation headed by Representative of the Democratic Party in Washington and Chairman of the Armed Forces Committee ,Adam Smith; arrived Erbil city, the capital of Kurdistan region from Baghdad.

Upon its arrival this morning, the delegation held a meeting with the President of the region ,Nechirvan Barzani, followed by another meeting with the Prime Minister ,Masrour Barzani and his deputy Qabbad Talabani in the presence of a number of ministers and government officials.

The officials discussed with the delegation, relations between Kurdistan region and the United States, the war against ISIS in addition to the situation in Iraq and the protests in Baghdad and the central and southern provinces of the country.

This delegation is scheduled to meet the leader of Kurdistan Democratic Party ,Massoud Barzani.

The delegation visited the capital Baghdad and met with the three presidencies, where they discussed with them the crisis of protests and ways to come up with solutions.

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