Witness disclose new details about the Duhok attack


Shafaq News / Eyewitnesses disclosed new details about the PKK attack that targeted a village north of Duhok.

They told Shafaq News agency that the residents of Ziwah village were holding a spring celebration near Aradna village, Amedi district, when two projectiles landed in the area, killing three children and injuring another.

The injured child's father indicated to Shafaq News agency that his son was hit by shrapnels in his hand and chest, noting that his situation is currently stable.

Duhok residents are known to celebrate spring by gathering, playing games, performing "Dabkeh", and preparing Kurdish dishes.

The Kurdistan Region's counter-terrorism department revealed that two civilians were killed and two others were injured in a rocket attack launched by what it called the "terrorists" of the Kurdistan Workers Party, north of Duhok.

The department said in a statement that the Kurdistan Workers Party's "terrorists" launched two rockets targeting Aradna village, Amerli district.

Earlier today, a security source reported that several casualties were recorded in the aftermath of an unknown shelling on Thursday, north of Duhok.

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