US Ambassador to Iraq praises the culture of coexistence and tolerance in Kurdistan


Shafaq News/ Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani met on Tuesday Matthew Toller, the US ambassador to Iraq.

According to a statement issued by Barzani’s office, the US Ambassador “praised the culture of coexistence and tolerance among different religious groups in the Kurdistan Region,” expressing his thanks to the” Kurdish institutions for protecting this coexistence.”

The statement added both sides discussed the strategic dialogue between the United States and Iraq, in which Toller affirmed his country's commitment to assisting Iraq and Kurdistan, as well as supporting the Peshmerga forces, and improving relations between his country and the Region in the fields of culture, education, and economy.

The meeting also shed light on the political process, the living conditions of Iraqi citizens, and the challenges facing the upcoming Iraqi elections, as well as exchanging views on the post-election stage in Iraq and the relations between the Kurdish and Iraqi parties.

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