Two villages under quarantine in Duhok


Shafaq News / Today, the health authorities in Aqrah district, Kurdistan, has imposed quarantine on Telboki and Koranki villages after recording more than 20 Covid-19 infections, pointing out that the number of cases in the district reached 133.

The health information official in Aqrah, Sabah Zuhair, told Shafaq news agency that "the number of cases is increasing constantly, especially after Al-Adha holidays".

He attributed the situation to "the recent decision that allowed people to move freely between the governorates, the illegal entry of some citizens, and the lack of commitment to the preventive instructions ".

In Duhok 801 infections, 6 deaths, and 376 recoveries have been reported.

While, in Kurdistan Region 15,173 infections, 586 deaths and 9,551 recovery, and 5,036 inpatients have been counted.

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