Two citizens injured in a Turkish airstrike in al-Sulaymaniyah


Shafaq News/ Two citizens sustained injuries from an aerial attack in al-Sulaymaniyah, and fingers pointed towards Turkey's airforces, according to local officials on Monday.

The head of Chemchemal's health directorate, Sharif Raheem Moawen, told Shafaq News Agency, "two civilians from Sidan village, the Chemchemal district, were injured: a 24 years old male and a 33 years old male."

A security source revealed to our Agency that the raid was carried out by the Turkish airforces.

So far, there is no available information about the sites attacked by the Turkish warplanes.

Today's attack is Turkey's first in Chemchemal, the district located 200 kilometers from Kurdistan's borders with Turkey, where the anti-Ankara Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) usually operates.

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