Two Kurds detained by Turkish military near Erbil are still in custody for the fourth day 


Shafaq News/ For the fourth consecutive day, the Turkish military kept two young Kurds in detention after capturing them in the vicinity of Kurdistan's capital city, Erbil, last week. 

Informed sources told Shafaq News Agency that the detainees were caught near a Turkish base in the company of a woman residing in the Turkish Kurds' camps in Makhmour. 

"The motives of accompanying this woman or their presence in that area are not known. Did they intend to cross the borders? Were they on a hunting trip as claimed by their relatives?" 

Usually, the Turkish army releases the citizens who approach its bases inside the Iraqi territory after a brief detention. However, those two young Kurds are still in custody even after four days of their capture. 

Multiple sources revealed that the two citizens were transferred into the Turkish territory.

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