Turkey's military helicopter crashes in Iraqi Kurdistan - security source


Shafaq News/ A Turkish military helicopter crashed in an oil field in Iraqi Kurdistan on Wednesday, according to a security source.

The incident occurred in the Khairi mountain of Jamanki district, located north of Dohuk Governorate in the Kurdistan Region.

The crash resulted in several people being injured, although the exact number is currently unknown.

The cause of the helicopter crash is currently unclear, and the Turkish military or the Iraqi authorities have provided no further information.

The incident is a reminder of the continued instability in the region and the ongoing conflict between Turkey and the PKK rebels.

The Turkish military has been carrying out regular attacks on positions held by the PKK rebels in the northern mountains of Iraq, where thousands of militants are believed to be hiding.

The conflict between Turkey and the Kurdish militants has been ongoing for over three decades and has claimed the lives of approximately 40,000 people.

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