Turkey renews airstrikes on PKK in Kurdistan


Shafaq News / Turkish warplanes on Thursday renewed bombing in some areas of Duhok Governorate.

Eyewitnesses told Shafaq News Agency, "This evening, Turkish warplanes struck two villages in Kani Masi sub-district, north of Duhok governorate.”

They did not give any further information.

Earlier, eyewitnesses reported that Turkish Warplanes launched, on Monday evening, air strikes on uninhabited areas of Sidekan in northern Erbil.

Kurdish border villages and mountains have been a target for Turkish air and artillery strikes pursuing that it target fighters opposing them, and these operations resulted in casualties and material damage.

Turkey is taking its decades-old conflict with Kurdish militants deep into northern Iraq, establishing military bases and deploying armed military drones against the fighters in their mountain strongholds.

Turkey has been battling an “insurgency” in its mainly Kurdish southeast by Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants that has killed 40,000 people since the 1980s and which has largely been directed from within Iraq.

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