Tight restrictions halted the spread of COVID-19 in Garmyan, public health official says


Shafaq News/ The preventive measures imposed by Garmyan's crisis cell has effectively slowed down the infection rate of COVID-19, a public health official of the Independent County said on Monday.

The head of Garmyan's Health Directorate, Sirwan Muhammad Jamal, told Shafaq News Agency, "the infection percentage dropped to less than 5% because of the precautions imposed by the Crisis Cell."

Jamal warned of the resurgence of infection clusters due to Eid visits, poor compliance to the and preventive measures, and low turnout at vaccination centers.

"Vaccine recipients are less than 5% despite the availability of the best vaccines in five vaccination centers in the county," he elaborated, "less 3000 vaccine recipients from a total of 300,000 population is a negative index. Awareness and education campaigns are mandatory to avoid the spread of the virus."

"The sole isolation center in the Independent County houses only 26 patients, even though its capacity is 90," he continued, "it is unfeasible to establish another center in Garmyan for financial hurdles."

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