The Yazidi Rescue Office: 360 thousands displaced, 82 mass Graves, 6417 kidnapped


Shafaq News/ The Office of Rescue Yazidis in the Kurdistan Region presented, on Monday, the latest statistics regarding the figures of victims of ISIS, among these victims being Yazidis, displaced and immigrant peoples.

As the office reported in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, "The statistics that (the office) issued are being approved by the United Nations, as it turned out the heinous crimes that ISIS has committed against the Yazidis, as of 3 August 2014.”

However, prior to ISIS invasion to the district of Sinjar, the Yazidis in Iraq were around 550 thousand people. 360 thousands of whom displaced after the invasion, only 150 thousand of whom repatriated to Sinjar, while the immigrants outside Iraq amounted to more than 110 thousand Yazidis.

The office indicated that the death toll, in the first days of the invasion, amounted to 1293; the number of orphans stood at 2745 orphan.

The office indicated that the mass graves found, so far, in Shangal (Sinjar) are 82, in addition to dozens of individual gravesites. Moreover, 68 holy religious sites were destroyed by ISIS.

The office added, "The number of kidnapped Yazidis is 6417, 3548 of whom are females and 2869 are males”, pointing, “ survivors from ISIS grip are 3545, including 1205 females and 339 males. Female children survivors are 1045 and male ones are 956. 2768 Yazidis are still of unknown fate (1298 females, and 1470 males).”

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