Territory between Kurdistan, Diyala and Saladin is nearly free of ISIS groups, senior Peshmerga officer says


Shafaq News/ A senior officer of the Peshmarga forces on Sunday said that the military operations in the territory between the Kurdistan Region and the governorates of Saladin and Diyala had been a huge success.

The Commander of the Peshmarga's second (Qara Tappa-Hemrin) axis, Merdan Chawsin, told Shafaq News Agency, "our sectors that extend between the outskirts of Kifri, Belgana, Qura chay, Churah, and the borders of the Kurdistan Region with Diyala and Saladin are nearly free of ISIS militants."

"The relentless tracking of ISIS groups in coordination with the federal forces has been very fruitful. The entire arsenal that ISIS built over the years was destroyed. The group was not able to wage a single attack for a month-since launching the operations."

" The rugged topography of the territory requires continuous operations and sustained security efforts to extinguish the threats of the terrorist group and neutralize their movement."

Early in December 2021, Iraqi federal forces and the Peshmerga forces started a joint military operations to eradicate ISIS remnants sheltering inside the security gaps at the borders of Saladin and Diyala with the Kurdistan Region. The campaign was launched after a series of ISIS deadly attacks against civilians and security forces in nearby areas.

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