Rojava to expand its power in the region


Shafaq News / Mazloum Abdi, the commander of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), announced that the regions of northern and eastern Syria are going towards a new phase in line with the aspirations of the Syrians, at a time when Ilham Ahmed, the Executive President of the Syrian Democratic Council, called To expand self-administration work and to sign a new national charter.

Abdi held meetings with the civil and military councils of Deir Ez-Zor at the base in the al-Omar oil field, and met with sheikhs of Arab Ashaeri discussing the assassinations that affected three prominent Arab figures, and offered condolences to the people of the region.


According to a statement published by the media center of the forces on its official account, Abdi confirmed that the assassinations in the countryside of Deir Ez-Zor “aim to undermine the situation and cause conflicts among the components of the region.”


On the other hand, Ahmed said, a local conference between the people of the Euphrates and Jazira regions, with the participation of all Arab Ashaeri, independent personalities, political parties and blocs will be held.

She said: “The internal dialogue among the components of the region is an urgent and necessary issue to strengthen the role of the administration.”


The Kurdish leadership revealed that invitations will be send to all political parties and forces.


The Syrian Democratic Council is the political wing of the "Syrian Democratic Forces.

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