President Barzani's diplomatic mission: Enhancing Kurdistan-Iran relations

President Barzani's diplomatic mission: Enhancing Kurdistan-Iran relations

Shafaq News / The Kurdistan Region Presidency’s spokesperson Dilshad Shihab unveiled the key agenda of President Nechirvan Barzani's visit to Tehran, emphasizing its significance in reaffirming the strong ties between both sides.

Shihab highlighted, "The primary focus of the Region's President during this visit is to enhance bilateral relations between Iraq, Kurdistan Region, and the Islamic Republic of Iran. We have historical ties with Iran dating back to the era of Iraqi opposition and the struggle of Kurdish forces against dictatorship."

He added, "Iran, besides being a haven for thousands of Iraqi refugees in general and Kurds in particular, also provided strong support to the Iraqi opposition during the struggle against dictatorship. After the uprising in Kurdistan Region against Saddam's regime, good, neighborly, and mutually respectful official, economic, and trade relations were established."

Shihab stressed, "Like all countries in the region, relations may fluctuate, but the consistent approach of Kurdistan Region, particularly its President, has always been to convey a message to the world, especially neighboring states, that the Kurdistan Region is always a factor for stability, security, peace in the region, and fostering good neighborly relations. Nothing else will emanate from Kurdistan Region towards any neighboring country."

He emphasized, "It is important for Kurdistan to reaffirm to the Iranian side that it remains a factor of stability, as it has always been, with all neighboring countries."

He pointed out that "developing relations, reciprocal respect, economic and trade ties, and regional stability will be important topics during the visit."

President Nechirvan Barzani arrived earlier on Sunday in Tehran on an official invitation, according to Iranian official media.

During his visit to Tehran, Barzani is scheduled to hold meetings with Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, President Ebrahim Raisi, and Speaker of the Iranian Parliament Mohammad Baqer Ghalibaf.

This visit marks the fifth within 11 years, during which the President of the Region aims to strengthen relations between the Region and Tehran through discussions with senior Iranian leaders.

According to an official in Barzani's office speaking to Shafaq News Agency, this visit is significant, following extensive discussions with political leaders in Baghdad, where the Region's President announced the launch of a new phase in the relationship.

It also follows the "historic" visit of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Baghdad and Erbil last month.

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