President Barzani calls for a "comprehensive review" for the educational system in Kurdistan


Shafaq News/ The Education sector in Kurdistan must be seriously reviewed and integrated into the government reform program, President of the Region, Nechirvan Barzani, said on Sunday.

President Barzani's statements came in a speech he delivered during the "National Conversation on K-19 Education in Kurdistan" hosted by the American University in Duhok.

"The educational system, from kindergarten to high school and higher education, requires a serious and comprehensive review, and integrating it into the government reform to meet the international standards."

The President laid emphasis upon keeping up with the pace of technological development to eliminate the hurdles impeding the progress of education.

"Advancing education requires continuous improvement via adopting English and other international languages in the curriculum."

Barzani called for establishing institutes that link education to the market and aspiring the massive literature wealth of the Kurd poets in growing the humanitarian studies in the region.

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