Political factions clash over Nineveh governor position

Political factions clash over Nineveh governor position

Shafaq News / Political factions are locked in a fierce struggle to secure the position of governor of Nineveh, in the event that the current governor, Najim al-Jubouri, is removed from office, according to well-informed sources.

The struggle comes at a time when another source revealed on Wednesday the presence of a "fierce conflict" for the position of governor of Anbar with the imminent dismissal of the current governor, Ali Farhan. The sources indicated that the Al-Taqaddum Party, led by Speaker of Parliament Mohammed al-Halbousi, has presented Saheeb al-Rawi as an alternative to Ali Farhan, while the United Anbar Alliance has nominated its leader, Qasim al-Fahdawi, for the position of governor.

Sources have informed Shafaaq News Agency that "political parties have put forward the name of Engineer Mohammed Ali Jassim as a candidate to fill the position of governor of Nineveh, as he is one of the relatives of the current governor," explaining that "Engineer Jassim resides in India and is also a businessman."

The sources pointed out that "other parties have put forward the names of Mosul municipality director Abdul Sattar al-Habu, as well as current deputies Khalid al-Obaidi and Mansour al-Murayyid, in addition to Mohammad Hani, who is the Deputy Secretary-General of the Council of Representatives, while other factions insist on Najim al-Jubouri remaining until the elections for the provincial councils are held."

Earlier, Mazahim al-Khayyat, a leading member of Al-Taqaddum party and chairman of the parliamentary education committee, stated that he was in favor of keeping Najim al-Jubouri as governor of Nineveh until the elections for the provincial councils are held. Al-Jubouri himself appeared in a video circulating on social media, stating that he "does not care about the position," adding "I know that day will come and I will leave the position."

The struggle over the position of governor of Nineveh has recently intensified and political circles are circulating rumors of his removal after his relationship with the Al-Taqaddum Party, led by Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi, became strained. Information from close sources indicates that the relationship between al-Halbousi and al-Jubouri has deteriorated recently, after the latter abandoned the Al-Taqaddum party, to which the position was assigned, and joined the Hikma Movement, led by the current Defense Minister and the leader of the Hikma Movement, Thabet al-Abbasi.

Sources suggest that al-Jubouri's position has improved with the support of the Defense Minister and his withdrawal from Al-Taqaddum party, although he has not announced it, but this does not sit well with al-Halbousi, who seeks to replace him. Sources had previously spoken about the intention of the Iraqi Prime Minister to replace four governors, including Nineveh, but the office of the Prime Minister denied the leaks, stating that they were baseless.

Political circles are discussing the intention of the Defense Minister, Thabet al-Abbasi, to enter the elections for provincial councils with strong alliances with Nineveh Governor Najim al-Jubouri, whom some politicians view as a "Trojan horse" in the upcoming elections, but his opponents have not hidden their intention to move forward with accountability and justice measures against him to remove him before the elections.

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