Parliament submits proposals to solve the high fuel prices crisis


Shafaq News/ The Energy and Natural Resources Committee of Kurdistan Parliament submitted today several proposals to address the problem of high gasoline prices.

Committee Chairman Ali Hama Salih said in a press conference held today, "our proposals to solve the rise in gasoline and fuel prices, in general, are the result of the comprehensive investigation conducted by our committee, so we assure the people of the Kurdistan Region that if these proposals are adopted, there will be no such thing as a rise in the price of gasoline."

He added, "the quantities of gasoline that Baghdad will send will increase next month, and the local production will reach three million liters of gasoline," noting, "if these quantities are fairly distributed to gas stations in the Kurdistan Region, the problem will be solved."

He added that the Ministry of Natural Resources promised to implement these proposals.

Among the other proposals submitted by the committee to the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Council of Ministers of the Kurdistan Region, is lifting restrictions so that anyone can carry out the commercial exchange of gasoline with the rest of the Iraqi governorates.

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