PUK demands to speed up the process of returning the remains of the Anfal victims


Shafaq News / The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) presented, on Wednesday, a set of demands to the federal and regional governments regarding the families of the victims of the Anfal Genocide, which was carried out by the former Iraqi regime.

The bloc demanded from the two governments, to "speed up the process of returning the remains of more than 170,000 of the Anfal victims, as due to DNA testing problems, security arguments and the slowdown in the process steps, their families are still waiting helplessly.”

PUK called for "practical steps, similar to the Iraqi Supreme Criminal Court, to classify the Anfal crime as genocide at the state level in its three powers, legislative, executive and judicial."

The bloc added that "the federal government and the regional government have not taken serious steps to define the Anfal as genocide at the international level, and this is another suffering to the families of the victims."

The bloc demands that the Anfal Genocide to be learned in educational centers throughout Iraq to inform future generations of this crime.

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