PM Barzani highlights Kurdistan's graduates role in new economy

PM Barzani highlights Kurdistan's graduates role in new economy

Shafaq News / On Sunday, Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region Masrour Barzani stressed the importance of active community participation in the new economy, highlighting the significant role of Kurdistan's graduates in its development.

He made these remarks during the commencement of the graduation ceremony for a new batch of students at the American University in Duhok on June 2, 2024.

Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, also Chairman of the University's Board of Trustees, described the occasion as a milestone in the university's journey.

He emphasized that the new graduates, joining 406 high achievers before them, “have proven their competence in both national and international job markets.” He stressed the importance of optimizing the skills acquired during their academic journey for the betterment of their communities and homeland.

Barzani highlighted the pivotal role of graduates in realizing Kurdistan's vision as a hub of knowledge and linking it with the global community. He stressed that “the excellence of graduates is not just a goal but an essential element for Kurdistan's prosperity.” He urged graduates to “seize opportunities and harness their capabilities to contribute to a prosperous future for themselves and their country.”

As the founder of the American University in Kurdistan and its Chairman, Barzani has diligently worked to make it a nucleus for social and economic development and a leading cultural center in Duhok and Kurdistan.

He noted that “graduates from the university now constitute a cornerstone for the Kurdistan Regional Government and have achieved tangible accomplishments across various sectors.”

Barzani stressed that efforts to integrate Kurdistan's economy with regional and global markets have led to an increase in graduates from the American University in Kurdistan, leaving a lasting impact in diverse fields.

He cautioned about the “challenges posed by the overreliance on artificial intelligence applications, despite their benefits in facilitating daily tasks, which may hinder genuine communication and expression skills.” This, he said, “is a concern in workplaces and academic institutions alike.”

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