PM Barzani: Kurdistan's Cabinet to announce Important Decision tomorrow

PM Barzani: Kurdistan's Cabinet to announce Important Decision tomorrow

Shafaq News/ On Tuesday, Kurdistan's Prime Minister Masrour Barzani revealed that the Kurdish Government will make an important decision tomorrow.

Barzani said in a speech during an iftar banquet in Erbil, "I thank the citizens of the Kurdistan Region for their endurance, patience, trust, and support for their Government. They have faced difficult conditions, especially regarding the non-payment of employees' salaries and the Region's budget, which has led to increased economic problems. However, the resilience of the Kurdish people has allowed us to continue providing services."

Barzani stressed that the authorities will spare no effort to solve the problems and reach a result "that serves the people of Kurdistan and all of Iraq, without relinquishing any of our constitutional rights."

"There are two bodies in the Region: one that is steadfast and protective of Kurdistan's achievements and respects the martyrs' blood and the struggle of this oppressed people, and another that believes all these achievements are worthless and should be sacrificed for food and salaries, thinking that solving the Region's problems will happen then. I believe that most of the people of Kurdistan are not with this body." Barzani said.

The Prime Minister called all political parties to set aside partisan and personal interests, saying, "Achieving unity and respect for the constitutional rights of the people of Kurdistan and maintaining brotherhood among all components and sects in Iraq will be a real accomplishment."

"There are parties we are trying to negotiate with to reach a result that serves everyone's interests. Iraq is a rich country, but unfortunately, these resources have not been managed well; otherwise, we would have become one of the best countries in the Middle East. We can achieve that now by continuing to accept others and mutual respect."

Barzani explained, "Our problem is not only about salaries but also about nationalism, identity, and land, and we must secure all these rights. I confirm that we will be at your service and will not give up any of our rights in any way, and we will continue to solve the current problems and crises."

"We always have many friends in times of prosperity, but in hardships and calamities, we see ourselves alone, and only the Kurdish people are with us…If God and the people are with us, no one else matters. Therefore, in all our difficult decisions, there have been a few men with us. We have a cabinet meeting tomorrow and will issue a decision. I am sure that everyone will become a partner in this decision because it will be a decision for the benefit of these people."

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