PKK: We are against Kurdish internal fighting

PKK: We are against Kurdish internal fighting

Shafaq News/ The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) denied, on Wednesday, it had directed fire towards Peshmerga forces in Duhok governorate.

Kawa Shikh Moos, a member of PKK, told Shafaq News agency, "A landmine exploded north of Duhok in Jamanki sub-district where Peshmerga forces were conducting an inspection operation on Wednesday morning” adding that “PKK leadership demands from its fighters not to exchange fire with the Peshmerga. ".

He added, "We are against internal fighting, but at the same time we will defend ourselves," calling on the Peshmerga to stop operations in the PKK areas.

PKK fighters targeted Peshmerga forces in Jamanki sub-district, south of Amadiya, north of Duhok governorate. A local official said on Wednesday.

In the same context, one Peshmerga fighter was killed in an attack by the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) militants on Tuesday in northern Iraq, Kurdish sources said.

So far, the confrontations are still continuing between the two parties.

 A local source told Shafaq News Agency that PKK opened fire on Peshmerga forces on the Jamanki area, which required responding.

Meanwhile, Dozens of residents of in Al-Sulaymaniyah Governorate demonstrated, today, to denounce the PKK's attack on a Peshmerga.

The demonstrators raised banners denouncing the Kurdish fighting and the assault of the local legitimate institutions. Shafaq News Agency correspondent said.

Turkey, the United States and European Union all classify the PKK as a terrorist organization.


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