PDK-S calls on international actors to halt the violations against ENKS


Shafaq News/ The Political Bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Syria (PDK-S) called on international actors to fulfill their pledges to prevent the violations against the members of the Kurdish National Council (ENKS).

In a statement issued earlier today, Sunday, PDK-S said, "groups of militants affiliated PYD security body executed an abduction campaign against members of our party yesterday, Saturday."

According to the statement, PYD militants abducted yesterday, Saturday, Ezzideen Mulla and Muhammad Dham Ayu in Qamishli, Muhammad Saleh Ahmed Shlal Dayrik's countryside, Journalist Barzan Hussein in al-Maabadah.

In addition, Fermez Abdul Karim Ali was abducted from Dayrik on July 13, and Abdul Ghafar Muhammad from Jal Agha on May 22.

"These intimidating practices and the policy of stifling mouths only reflect the catastrophic failure that this administration has reached, as it searches for any excuse to suppress the dissenting opinion and impose de-facto authority by force of arms amid the suffering of the people on the aspects," the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria said, "We strongly condemn and denounce these repressive practices and grave violations, which contradict the most basic rules of human rights and freedoms and do not serve the future and cause of our people."

The statement called on "the relevant international bodies to fulfill their obligations to prevent violations against the council's members."

"We call on our people, the national forces, community activists, the Kurdish forces, and everyone who cherishes the values of freedom and democracy to press for the immediate release of the kidnappees. These practices only serve the enemies of our Kurdish people and all the people of the region."

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