Masrour Barzani: our constitution must reflect the aspirations of Kurdistan's people


Shafaq News / The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Masrour Barzani, stressed on Wednesday the necessity of drafting a constitution that considers the rights of the individual and the people of the Kurdistan region.

This came in a speech he delivered on the sidelines of launching the Unity and Constitution conference.

Barzani said during the speech, "Unity is a beautiful word and slogan, but is not achieved by words. We must first unite our goals, as we cannot demand unity while we are moving in two different directions."

"We have many examples of our unity and of how many gains we achieved, including our unity in the 1991 uprising and the establishment of this constitutional entity that we currently enjoy. Also, look how -upon the approval of the Federal Budget Law- our unity enabled us to guarantee Kurdistan's rights."

Barzani pointed out, "we can draw up a constitution that reflects the aspirations of our people", stressing, "We must put in place a constitution that respects the religions and nationalities and protects the rights of the individuals and the people."

However, Barzani concluded by saying, "it is our responsibility as a government to do it so that people can vote on a constitution that expresses the aspirations of the Kurdish people."

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