Masrour Barzani meets the Dutch Prime Minister in the Netherlands


Shafaq News / The Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, and his accompanying delegation arrived on Monday in the Netherlands, the first stop in his European tour.

The representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the European Union, Dalawer Izki, said in a statement that Barzani and the Netherlands Prime minister, Mark Rutte, would hold a meeting Monday evening to discuss relations between both counties.

Izki pointed out that there is political and military cooperation between the region and the Netherlands, which supports the Peshmerga forces in the war against ISIS, indicating that the Dutch military advisors are continuing their duties in the region.

As by Izki, the Kurdistan Regional Government Presidency delegation consists of the Minister of Planning and the Head of the Investment Authority, and this is an indication that the Kurdistan Region has a desire to develop relations in these areas with the Netherlands.

The representative of Kurdistan regional government in the European Union highlighted the geopolitical significance of Kurdistan region to Europe, which prompts the European countries to develop relations with Kurdistan Region in the fields of industry, energy, agriculture, etc.

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