Masrour Barzani: Baghdad has not sent any salaries to the region for ten months


Shafaq News / The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Masrour Barzani, met today with the consuls and representatives of the European Union countries in the region.

The meeting discussed the situation in the Region and the relation with the federal government, as well as ways to enhance relations between Kurdistan and the European Union.

Regarding the relation with the federal government, Barzani affirmed the region’s commitment to implement the Federal Budget Law, calling on Baghdad to fulfill its obligations towards the Kurdistan Region, as it did not send any salaries for ten months.

The Prime Minister hoped that the approval of the budget law would be a good start to find a radical solution to other outstanding issues on the basis of the constitution, especially the implementation of Article 140 and the normalization of conditions in the Kurdish regions outside the administration of the regional government.

Moreover, Barzani highlighted the government's reforms aimed at reorganizing and diversifying sources of income, reducing unnecessary expenditures, establishing transparency, and reducing the waste of public wealth, noting that the Government will provide all necessary facilities for foreign and local investors.

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