Masoud Barzani on the new year message: an opportunity to resolve Baghdad-Erbil problems


Shafaq News/ Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani welcomed the solar new year as an "opportunity to emphasize the culture of peaceful coexistence" in the Kurdistan region in a message on new year's eve.

In the opening of his message, the Kurdish leader offered greetings to the people of the Kurdistan region and the Peshmerga fighters on the new year's beginning, praising it as an "opportunity to emphasize the culture of peaceful coexistence between the people of the Kurdistan region, who have always believed in peace, fraternity, and sought solutions via [pursuing] dialogue and renouncing extremism."

Barzani said that Baghdad and Erbil have a "new opportunity" to address their differences and reiterated his commitment to supporting the "political agreement" concluded by the forces involved in the political process in Iraq and the Kurdistan region.

The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party hoped that the federal government's "next measures" come in line with the constitution, the interests of the Iraqis, and the principles of "partnership, balance, and consensus.

"I hope the next year is a year of prosperity and joy to all the people of the Kurdistan region and Iraq, and a year of peace and solitude for the [surrounding] region and the entire world," he concluded.

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