Masoud Barzani extends greetings on the Kurdish new year


Shafaq News / The Kurdish leader and head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Masoud Barzani, today, extended greetings on the occasion of the Newroz holidays and the Kurdish New Year.

In a statement, Barzani greeted the families of the martyrs, the heroes Peshmerga and all segments of Kurdistan, as well as Kurdistan people all over the world.

Furthermore, he explained that Nowruz, for Kurds, means liberation and revolution darkness, noting that the Kurds rose up in Nowruz to end slavery and achieve freedom, adding that this is the Kurdish people's spirit since ancient times, and will remain the same as long as there are injustice and oppression.

The Kurdish leader said that his people want to determine their fate peacefully and solve problems by peaceful means. However, if injustice is exerted upon it, it will certainly defend its rights.

Moreover, Barzani expressed his readiness and desire to solve all problems with Baghdad based on partnership, adding that Kurds and Iraqis are partners upon the basis of the voluntary union, indicating that any deviation from this union, using the language of the majority and minority, the culture of self-imposition and denial will certainly cause problems that cannot be easily solved.

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