Masoud Barzani calls for committing to the government's prerequisite agreements


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi political forces should commit to the agreements that gave birth to Mohammad Shia al-sudani's incumbent cabinet, Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani said on Thursday.

Barzani's remarks came during a meeting with Turkey's new Consul-General in Erbil, Memet Mevlut Yakut, in his headquarters in the Saladin resort near the capital of the Kurdistan region earlier today.

According to a readout issued by his headquarters, Barzani discussed with his guest the political and security situation in Iraq and the Kurdistan region and the commercial and economic ties between Erbil and Ankara.

The meeting, according to the readout, touched upon the Baghdad-Erbil ties, laying emphasis on implementing the agreements that paved the way for the government's formation and putting the Sinjar agreement into force in order to return the locals to their hometowns

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